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Tailored one to one career advice for job hunters of all levels and professions. Expert assistance and training in CV and Interview preparation.

What clients had to say about their experience with Interview Tutor …

“I was out of the job seeker market for a long time and was referred to interview tutor by a friend. Orla worked with me on preparing a great CV and honing my interview techniques. A superb service and highly recommended”.
Colin Holmes, Project Manager

“Orla provides a very useful service and I am very happy with my much improved CV. I found her to be very helpful, knowledgeable and informative. She answered all my questions and I now feel more confident about applying for different jobs. I would have no hesitation in contacting Orla in the future for both career and CV advice.”
Michael Coleman, Student Actuary and Mathematics

“I had previously used the services of so-called CV experts to assist me in preparing a better CV and improving my chances of being called to interview. All they did was to rejig my CV without taking the time to talk to me, to get to know me, to ask about my previous experience, what I would ideally like to do and what my strengths and weaknesses were. When I received the supposedly improved CV, I was disappointed. I felt like they had used a standard template and copied my original CV into the template without improving it. It was obvious I was only a paying customer rather than a unique candidate who needed expert advice to become the best job applicant possible. They were a waste of money.Orla could not have more different from them. I did not know who rejigged my CV before but I know how much work Orla did. From the first time we met, Orla was very friendly, helpful and enjoyable to work with. She took the time to get to know me, asked what I wanted to work at, queried my past experience and my skills and learned about me in order to get a full picture of who I am so that she could improve my CV and offer interview advice in the best way. She rang me numerous times and discussed some ideas for my CV. She was completely honest regarding my strengths and weaknesses. She offered clever career advice. For example, she urged me not to explicitly state a salary amount I would like as she felt I should earn more than that. During the mock job interview, she role-played the interviewer seriously and after she offered many points on where I was performed well and where I did not. The interview preparation was very useful for me as it made me realise what I needed to improve on. There were somethings I had not even thought about that Orla said were important to say during interviews.
I can’t recommend Orla enough. She is well worth the money as she takes the time – a lot of time – to assist the candidate, to learn who they are so that she can make them into the best candidate possible. She is honest, easy to get along with, and very helpful. She really knows her stuff.” 
Seanán O’ Coistin , PR Executive

“I found the interview coaching extremely beneficial. Doing a mock interview was very constructive as Orla gave me very good advice and feedback. This knowledge will be very useful to me going forward”.
Eddie, IT Engineer

Thanks very much for the tips and info.I did an interview last week and got offered a job so was delighted with that, you’re advice and tips were very useful.Thanks again for everything”.
Liam, Software Developer

I just wanted to get back in touch to say thank you so much interview tutor! your advice and help was invaluable and I’m pleased to say has given me the foot in the door I so badly needed. Highly recommended.”
Jennifer McHugh, Marketing Manager

“I would recommend Orla for her ability to put you on the right road in terms of interview techniques, recognising your own abilities and converting this into a sales pitch. Everyone’s time is so valuable, but she makes you feel that she has plenty of time for you to discuss your requirements”.
Kerry Lewis, Event Manager

“I found Orla very approachable and her advice invaluable, she helped me get the impressive CV and cover letter I needed to get my career started”.
Marie Cummins, Secondary School Teacher

“I met Orla for a CV review and mock interview with specific sectors in mind. I found her review very useful, more than just a fresh set of eyes, an informed and constructive opinion about what I had prepared and how I could improve my CV. The mock interview was extremely professional and realistic; it highlighted areas I need to improve on and prepare for better.”
David McMahon, Public Affairs and Communications Manager

“I ended up in Ireland working on a transfer for an Italian company. I got on so well in Dublin that I decided to find a job and stay. I had many things to plan but the very first thing was to enter the Irish job market with a sound introduction of myself, both working experience and attitude. My cv was in Italian, and the format a bit confusing to be honest. Orla first went through it and tried to figure out what was really important to emphasise. Afterwards, she discussed in detail with me her ideas and listened a lot to mine, that is: what I really wanted to enlighten in my CV. She did a great a job and was able to put everything on, in a concise but also straightforward manner. I was enthusiastic, as by reading my CV, everyone would see my skills, attitudes, experiences, strength and weakness in an easy to read way. I got a job shortly afterwards. When I want to make a step further in my career, I know what’s the asset that helps me make the first move”.
Maria Rita Carota , Business Analyst

“I had my own CV prepared and I felt my CV wasn’t up to standard. A friend recommended Orla to help me to prepare my CV etc. I am delighted with the end result- Thanks Orla for all your work and help”
Louise Egan Secondary School teacher

“I would highly recommend Orla for interview coaching. I found her to be very professional and easy to engage with. She is very knowledgeable about the current job market. I learned a lot in my session and will use the advice given in upcoming interviews”
Fiona, Financial Controller

“Orla helped me to take my CV from the next level from a good CV to a great CV. It was a few years since I did an Interview. The Mock Interview with Orla helped me to really focus on the areas I needed to focus on to refine my answers. She also provided excellent feedback and ways to gain Interview confidence. I would highly recommend her services”.
Lillian Patterson, Accountant

“I found the whole structure of the interview coaching so insightful. The mock interview session was really eye opening for me because i didn’t knew how to answer the questions. The feedback session was very valuable because it helped me how to answer some of the common interview questions. Beyond all these, most importantly, you gave me confidence to go out and face any real interview. Once again I thank you so much for the interview coaching”.
Vinod Edison, Business Graduate

My CV required a complete overhaul from years of adding on Job positions that I had gained from a decade of various roles within the same industry, however Orla’s professionalism to highlight the right information, promote my abilities and achievements was exceptional. I believe that it was her keenness to understand my previous roles, own personality and the positions that I wanted to apply for that really makes her stand out from the crowd”
Matt Bowen, Senior Account Executive

“I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, and asked Orla to reviewed my CV and some covering letters to identify any areas for improvement. She provided me with excellent feedback and I feel more confident now in my approach to preparing job applications”.
Ana Kokoszko, Chartered Landscape Architect

“Orla is a great professional. I was lost looking for a job, however after having an interview with her, I knew how I had to focus my search. She is an excellent communicator, she explained me perfectly how I could have a successful career. She takes a positive, proactive approach to her work. I found Orla very helpful and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her as a career coach”
Rafael Veiga del Bano, CAD developer

“Orla’s input will kick start your CV and boost your morale and confidence again. She is responsive, down to earth and generous with her time. She will do as much or as little as you like without any pressure. She’s great!”
Deirdre Pickering , Language Teacher

At the start of 2014, I made the decision to change career. I decided I wanted to do a complete career change from hospitality into financial services. While looking at different courses I’d needed to do, towards up-skilling myself in finance, I also knew I had to improve brand “me”.
This is where Orla came in, first requirement was a complete overhaul of my CV, work on my ‘USPs’ (unique selling points) and tailor it towards financial services. The outcome of this new CV gave me great confidence.
Secondly, we worked on a really strong cover letter to complement my CV. And finally, was to build a strong presence online through LinkedIn.<
With all these tools in place, a new found confidence and determination, I pursued this career change.
Six months later, countless ups and downs, I have succeeded in managing this career change and I am now working in Investment Fund Services.
I had constant contact with Orla through that six month period and on the eve of my interview for my current job, I did a mock interview with Orla, which I gave me great confidence going into the interview.
I strongly recommend Orla as a career coach.
Daragh Roche Quality Management Analyst

“Looking for job search consultancy, I got in touch with Orla for an Interview Coaching Session. Thanks to her indications I was able to enhance aspects of my career that allowed me to fully perform in the recruitment process I was applying for.
She also provided me with useful material to properly set my CV. Also, the follow up made after the session was friendly and pleasant.
Thanks to Orla’s advices I achieved my goal of working for a Top Internet Company, thus, highly improving my work conditions.
From my positive experience, I strongly recommend investing in her Career Consultancy Services.”
Roger Perrier, IT Support

I started the journey to source a new job without much direction, after finding myself redundant from my employer of 28 years. While I initially contacted Orla for assistance with my CV and interview techniques, she actually provided me with far more. She took time to get to know me, was extremely approachable and professional. From our first meeting, Orla was very interested in helping me succeed, motivating me while also being firm with me when required. She saw me through a difficult patch and was very encouraging and helped me to refocus. She was realistic about expectations, my strengths and weaknesses and gave me very practical and solid advice around interview techniques including a strong ‘pitch’. Her flexibility to meet with me at short notice to do mock interviews, or just taking my calls when I needed her advice was invaluable. I was very confident that the CV Orla helped me to write truly reflected my capabilities. It only took two interviews to land a job which I am really looking forward to. I would not hesitate in recommending Orla for CV preparation, interview techniques and general job-hunting mentoring. Her fees are very affordable and it was money very well spent. Thanks Orla”.
Sandra Mc Garry, Procurement Manager


I was struggling in interviews and was unable to sell myself properly to potential employers. Orla successfully got me to a point where I was able to go into an interview confident in the knowledge that I was prepared for any type of question that could be put to me.
Her follow on calls and words of encouragement were also a great help and boost”.
Dan Kelleher, Accountant

“I struggled for a while to find work and had never been into an interview.  I decided to see what I could get out of Orla’s services and the results were spectacular.  I applied for a job shortly after meeting Orla and I am now working for a marketing company thanks to the Interview techniques and CV updates and writing skills that I gained from meeting her.”
Ashley Morris, Student

“I found Interview Tutor/Orla to be a huge help to me when I was  preparing for an internal interview.
As well as getting tips on what interviewers are looking for when they ask certain questions, the mock interview helped to settle my nerves in preparation for the ‘real thing’. I feel that having the mock interview with Orla allowed me to make any mistakes that I was going to make and with Orla’s suggestions and advice I could then iron them out before my ‘real’ interview. So my actual interview was almost like having a ‘second chance’.
Orla gave me some very useful feedback about how I came across and pointed out things that I had not noticed about myself and how I was answering the questions.
Looking back now, there was a huge difference between the content of my answers in the mock interview and actual interview, my answers improved greatly in terms of using relevant examples from my past experience and connecting my answers to the job description.
I felt that my interview went much better than it would have had I not gone to Orla.
Thankfully, my interview went well and I am now the proud owner of a new job”
Edel Reynolds , Librarian

I have been out of work since last April as I never thought that could happen with all my skills and experience so I decided to consult an interview coaching and I came across Orla.
She was able to assist me in preparing for a competency based interview. Orla gave me very useful advice. She is very dedicated and has a great level of knowledge that are very helpful.” Most importantly I got offered the job!
Marcela Fonseca ( Senior Operations Analyst)

Orla, I wanted to thank you for your exceptional work and all the support provided. Your feedback was extremely constructive, and therefore helped me improve enormously towards my approach on interviews, feeling more confident and being prepared to answer any question in the best way to highlight my strengths.
Bianca, Technical Project Manager

Orla is an amazing coach and a great professional​. She gave me invaluable advice and tips and my interview skills have greatly improved, as a result of her intervention. I highly recommend her.
Mariana Cativa Tolsada, Project Manager

Orla is a highly skilled interview tutor. She gave me invaluable advice and tips and my interview skills have greatly improved, as a result of her intervention.I found Orla really easy to work with. She is very professional and she kept in touch with me after our initial meeting. I could highly recommend her.
Genevieve Cooney Secondary School Teacher

Myself and my boyfriend initially contacted Orla for assistance with our CV as we were emigrating to Canada, she actually provided us with far more by going out of her way to research how CV’s were laid out in Canada as they are different. She took time to get to know us, was extremely approachable and professional. When we decided to return to Ireland, we knew we wanted to go back to Orla to get some help with going back into the workforce in Ireland. Orla was very interested in helping us succeed and motivated us. She gave us very practical and solid advice around interview techniques. Her flexibility to meet with us at short notice or just taking our calls when we needed her advice was invaluable. We were very confident that the CV Orla helped us to write put us in a strong position to gain employment. We would not hesitate in recommending Orla for CV preparation, interview techniques and general job-hunting mentoring. Her fees are very affordable and it was money very well spent.
Sharon Connolly ,Property Accountant

“I really appreciate Orla support for getting a new job. Her help was with a 360 degree prospective.  She understood my needs and supported me until I got a new job. She gave me tips and suggestion about my CV, cover letter, how to hunt a new job, where to find new opportunities and how to prepare for the interview.  I highly recommend her.”
Geraldine Maiorca, Customer Support Executive

Orla was exceptionally professional, supportive and thorough in the interview coaching sessions that she provided for me.
Her advice and direction gave me every opportunity to fully prepare for my interview. Orla even gave me a pep talk the night before the interview which was a great help! I went into my interview with the confidence that I had been lacking in previous interviews. I was offered the job the next day! Thanks a million Orla! I would highly recommend your service!”
Roisin McDaid ,Child development Manager